Langgeng Community-Based Ecotourism

We assessed the outcome of a community-based ecotourism program in Nyambu village, Tabanan district, Bali supported by the British Council in partnership with Diageo Indonesia, as well as the program's effects on the behavior change of the residents. 

Project Type

  • Last Mile Consulting


The Langgeng community-based ecotourism is a social enterprise training program supported by the British Council in partnership with Diageo Indonesia. The program provides capacity training to the local community in Nyambu village, Tabanan district, Bali to identify and manage community-based tourism called Desa Wisata Ekologis Nyambu. Started in 2015, the program aims to empower the local community and bring economic benefit through improved tourism in the area. Since the program was established in 2015, there is a need to assess the outcomes of the program and the program's effects on the behavior change for the people of Nyambu Village.


The purpose of this assessment is to measure whether behavioral or social change (e.g. improved self-esteem and social skills) of participants have occurred during the life of the program. The assessment will also evaluate the components of British Council's activities that are most effective to beneficiaries.


To provide a better understanding of the overall program and effects towards the beneficiaries, in particular, behavioral change and economic benefits. Specifically, the evaluation will provide recommendations on how the program could be improved and replicated in other geographies. 

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Kopernik completed impact evaluation of the Langgeng Ecotourism Program with sound results. Kopernik assessed the 4-year program conducted by British Council and Diageo with considerations of three main areas; economy, environment and village cohesion. Throughout the course of the program, several unintended  outcomes have surfaced in the form of infrastructure development, regulatory improvement and village cleanliness.


In addition to directly measuring the impact, the result of this evaluation could be used as reference in designing and improving training programs for ecotourism village development as a community empowerment initiative in other areas in Indonesia.

This project is implemented by PT Kopernik on behalf of our client who funded this project.