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8% OF $3,995 FUNDED

Extreme Weather Emergency Response in Bali
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1% OF $12,673 FUNDED

Strengthening livelihoods of coastal communities in Aceh: Capacity sharing for women’s groups
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0% OF $11,216 FUNDED

Strengthening livelihoods of coastal communities in Aceh: Connecting women’s groups to new markets
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5% OF $4,005 FUNDED

Lean Experimentation Fellowship: Working with Young Indonesians to Find Effective Solutions to Challenges
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19% OF $9,171 FUNDED

Assessing the Potential of Black Soldier Fly Frass as Fertilizer to Improve Crop Quality
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Footnote: Your donation will be made to Kopernik Solutions. Kopernik Solutions then provides sub-grants to trusted partner organisations for the implementation of our projects.

For emergency response projects, Kopernik Solutions fundraises on behalf of Yayasan Kopernik and provides all funds raised directly to Yayasan Kopernik for immediate implementation.


Our bank accounts for other donation types

Send donations directly to Yayasan Kopernik in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to:

  • Bank: Bank Mandiri
  • Branch: KCP Ubud 14510
  • Customer Name: Yayasan Kopernik
  • Account Number: 145-00-1804889-8

Send donations directly to Kopernik Japan in Japanese Yen (JPY) to:

  • Bank: Rakuten Bank, Ltd
  • Branch: Head Office
  • Account Name: Kopernik Japan
  • Account Number: 2537292787
  • Address: 2-16-5 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Send donations directly to Kopernik Solutions in US Dollars (USD) to:

  • Bank: Evolve Bank and Trust
  • Account Name: Kopernik Solutions
  • Account Number: 9600000963729930
  • Address: 6070 Poplar Ave suite 200 Memphis TN 38119 United States
  • ABA: 084009519

After you donate via bank transfer, please let us know so that we can look out for your donation, say thank you and send you a receipt. Please email your name, the amount you donated and your payment reference number to comms@kopernik.info.