Developing App to Improve Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment

Kopernik worked with Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd., IT developers, health experts, and Tuberculosis patients in three hospitals in Greater Jakarta to localize a mobile technology that aimed to improve the treatment of TB patients.

Project Type

  • Last Mile Consulting
  • Market Research & Prototype Testing


In 2017 World Health Organization declared Indonesia as the country with the second highest Tuberculosis (TB) burden in the world, urging more interventions to combat the disease and improve medication to patients. The high tendency of patients to drop out from their treatment due to side effects and lack of TB-related knowledge also calls stakeholders with a vision to eradicate TB to partner with relevant parties and find solutions that work to solve the problem.


Kopernik managed the implementation of app testing by reaching out to 45 TB patients who were interested to utilize the app in supporting their medication. Kopernik also tracked the app usage and collected user experience from respective patients to see if the app had any positive impacts on improving their medication adherence.

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The post-intervention assessment conducted mid 2017 demonstrated encouraging insights despite the technical difficulties and low sample size. Many of the patients stopped using the app in their first and second months for various reasons, yet 22% continued using the app for more than 3 months, making the app’s retention rate — the tendency for app users to access the app after leaving it for some period of time — to be slightly higher than the average industry rate. Positive indication in four data proxies also shows a promising future of Sembuh app usage for TB patients. All patients who continuously used the app to support their medication continued their treatment, whilst some who stopped using the app stopped taking their medicine after some time. Weight gain, one important key proxy for improvement of TB patients, was also observed in the app users. App users have demonstrated to come to hospital in a more timely manner compared to the app dropouts, possibly thanks to the alarm and notification system.


The app is now available for download in Google Playstore.

This project is implemented by PT Kopernik on behalf of our client who funded this project.