Improving Access to Affordable Drinking Water: Consumer & Retail Engagement Research for Folia Filter Phase One

We partnered with Folia to conduct initial consumer & retail engagement research for their affordable, paper-based drinking water filter in low-income neighborhoods in Bandung, Jakarta, and Denpasar.

Project Type

  • Last Mile Consulting
  • Market Research & Prototype Testing


Three billion people around the world who make $2 to $10 a day obtain their drinking water through various methods, including boiling, buying bottled water, or chemical treatment, thus making drinking water a sizable part of their expenses. More economical or practical alternatives are starting to pop up i.e. Nazava water filters, but overall the potential for new drinking water filters in Indonesia is still very big.


Folia Filter is a nanosilver-coated paper filter able to filter up to 50 liters of water from various sources into drinking water. The main advantage of this filter compared to other products is the low overhead cost, with the filter itself costing pennies paired with a similarly affordable plastic funnel to house the filter.


Since one Folia Filter will be priced around one 19-liter gallon of refill station water and can be used to filter up to 50 liters of water, households using Folia Filters can save more than 50% of their drinking water expenses compared to buying refill station water.

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Obtained insight for Folia to improve on the design for Folia Filters to suit the needs of Indonesian drinking water habits.